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Welcome to Liberty Kameari Apartments.
月額78,000円(家具付き) Free-Wi-fi)が中心です。礼金、代理店手数料、保証人は必要ありません。すべての光熱費が含まれています。
近くにはコンビニエンスストアとスーパーマーケットがいくつかあり、最も近いものはローソン100円(2棟離れた場所)とファミリーマート(1ブロック先)です。最近、小さなショッピングモールもわずか400 mの距離に建設されました。
STIはLiberty Kameari Apartments(rental apartment)を管理しています。 Liberty Kameari Apartmentsのお問い合わせは、メールでお願いします。

Affordable and reasonably priced furnished apartments in East Tokyo
Regular rooms are ¥78,000/M(Furnished. Free-Wi-fi)No key money, agent fee or guarantor needed; all utility costs are included.
Welcome to Liberty Kameari Apartments.
Direct Access from the airport without transfer. Haneda — Aoto(Lib.Kameari)— Narita There are several convenience stores and supermarkets nearby.
,Appartements à Tokyo meublés, avec toutes les commodités, proposés à des prix très raisonnables "
Présentation de quelques-uns des appartements meublés à prix très bas, abordables et à prix raisonnable à Tokyo.
presentamos algunos de los apartamentos amueblados en Tokio a precios muy bajos, asequibles y a precios razonables.
presentando alcuni degli appartamenti ammobiliati a prezzi molto bassi, convenienti e a prezzi ragionevoli a Tokyo.
the apartment’s neareststations are: Kameari, Aoto, and Ohanachaya. In Kameari you can have the best of both worlds—a quiet and relaxing environment that’s also convenient to the city center. Until now, we often asked to intermediary at Sakura House (but was called Kameari2 of Sakura House), so please contact directly because Sakura House was closed .
Introducing some of very affordable and reasonably priced furnished apartments,located in east Tokyo’s Katsushika ward.Located in East Tokyo.
Kameari is known for kochikame and captain tsubasa and the movie “Tora-San”.Akihabara, Ginza, Asakusa, and Ueno are all less than 30 minutes away by train. And it’s just one train away from both Haneda and Narita airports.Many rooms less than $ 1000 a month. All rooms are furnished.Kameari is famous for being the city where the anime “Kochi- Kame”is held.. You can see the statues of various characters in the series.There is a very large shopping center near the station, which has many places to eat including a large food court and numerous restaurants.
The staff at Liberty Kameari Apartments will do everything they can to make your stay in Tokyo a pleasant one. Staff speak English and can help you with filling out forms and dealing with any challenges you might face in your daily life. You’re also welcome to participate in picnics, hikes, dinners, and casual parties hosted by the staff.
Whether you’re in Tokyo long-term or only stopping by, Liberty Kameari is here to help!
Regular rooms are \78,000/M (Furnished. Free-Wi-fi)Direct Access from the airport without transfer. Haneda —Aoto—Narita No key money, agent fee or guarantor needed; all utility costs are included. There are several convenience stores and supermarkets nearby.It’s easy to go anywhere from the Liberty Kameari Apartment. Passport and 20,000 yen deposit sufficient for reservation. Credit cards OK.
Features of this apartment
All rooms are furnished.All rooms have fully-equipped kitchens with induction cooktops, refrigerators, microwave ovens, toaster ovens.All rooms have air conditioners, TV & free Internet Wi-Fi. Residence maintenance & cleaning of common areas by our maintenance staff. No key money, agent fee or guarantor needed; all utility costs are included. A valid passport and a 20,000 yen deposit are all you need to reserve a room, from anywhere in the world. Credit cards accepted (VISA, MasterCard, DC, American Express).
Nearest Stations: Kameari, Aoto and Ohanachaya Station. (15~20 Min by foot)
Nearby Shops
There are several convenience stores and supermarkets nearby, the closest ones being Lawson 100 Yen (2 buildings away) and Family Mart (1 block away). A small shopping mall has also been built recently, only 400m away.
STI manages the Liberty Kameari Apartments(rental apartment). We rent cheap and affordable apartments. Please contact STI for inquiries and applications of the Liberty Kameari Apartments.
Introducing furnished, affordable apartment in Tokyo.

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