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I’ve lived in Liberty Kameari 1 for two years, and it’s been a great time. The apartment is clean and well-maintained, and the landlord, Watanabe-san, is really friendly and always happy to help – If there’s a problem, it’s taken are of quickly and effectively. Also, Liberty Kameari 1 is conveniently located within walking distance from shops and train stations, there’s direct access to Narita airport and there’s a huge shopping mall called “Ario” with a cinema and a food court. If you are looking for a nice, convenient place to stay in Tokyo, Irecommend you check out Liberty Kameari 1.

Ollie, Israel

I have been living with my boyfriend in apartment 405 (the studio apartment) for 8 months. If you don’t mind sharing a studio apartment with another person, it is very comfortable. If you live there alone, it is very spacy. Usually in apartments around these prices, the walls are very thick, so you can hear the other tenants. Here the walls are very thick, so you are never bothered. The utilities are very good, we have been living here for 8 months and never had any problems. The location is very good, a bus station just around the corner, three train stations within 15-20 minutes’ walk, two of them are pretty big with a few lines, around 9 min ride to sky tree and around 15 min ride to Asakusa. The landlord is very nice and speaks good English. For extra, there are two book stands of manga with various genres and famous titles like One piece Naruto and attack on titan.

Alicia Spain

This was my first time in Japan and I wanted to choose a place to stay from where it would be easy to move around the city. Now, Kameari 2 definitely is! There many bus stops around the apartment as well as 2 main train stations within walking distance. My favourite one is without doubt Ueno park. You can be there in 15 min ride from Ohanajaya station. Worth to pay a visit!

Cory Tanner

Liberty Kameari is a great choice for both an affordable and convenient apartment in Tokyo. The station connects easily to the major areas of Tokyo and has many fun places to drink.There are also many temples and shrines in the vicinity. I would highly recommend to anyone. I love Liberty Kameari! Come enjoyit too!

Sebastien, France

I`ve lived here for three months in the summer, it`s very spacious and affordable. There are also lots of convenience stores and restaurants nearby, two train stations at walking distance and laundry machines in the building. The owner is also very friendly so you can ask him anything if you need help. I really recommend Kameari Liberty to anyone.

L.T. Australia

A fully-furnished, air conditioned shoe box halfway between two train lines (Chiyoda Line, Kameari Station and Keisei Line, Aoto Station) in east Tokyo (near the border with Chiba Prefecture). Rent includes utilities, Internet/wifi and basic cable. The water pressure/temperature is inconsistent at times and if you are over 5’10”, watch your head going through the doors. The apartment has a shower, toilet, balcony and micro-kitchen (sink, hotplate, microwave, toaster oven and refrigerator).The building has a laundromat as well as shared vacuums, irons and a bicycle, and trash cans are provided. There might be a mild culture shock from the Japanese “shoes off in the lobby” rule. The place is within walking distance of Ario Mall and its cinema complex.It is basically a hotel without towels or toiletries. It is a winning combination of low rent and convenience.

Hsing Chen USA

Liberty Kameari was my first stop when moving to Tokyo seven years ago, and I couldn’t be gladder that I chose to come here. I prefer this nice, quiet neighborhood vibe over the busy and hectic pace of city life. Despite the area being more suburban, everything I need is easily within walking distance. I love exercising at the park too, and there are plenty of those in the area. As for the apartment itself, the landlord, Watanabe-san, is super chill and has always been quick to resolve any issues. Actually, my favorite aspect is how I don’t have to worry about taking out which types of trash on the morning of which days(can be a bit of a headache at other apartments), since we can leave it all in the designated common area, and the cleaning staff handles the rest. Last but not least, if you consider that the apartment is fully furnished and that internet access and utilities are free, the rent is VERY reasonable.

C.G. England

I’ve been at Liberty for 7 years. It is very conveniently located near a large shopping mall, a cinema and 3 train stations. Nearby, you can see the main building of Takara Tomy and Tokyo Skytree. The building itself is clean and well maintained and there is a package box with a pin lock, so you can order things online without any worries. If you like Pokemon, Pokemon Center Tokyo Skytree can be accessed easily as it is only one stop on the expresstrain from Aoto Station.

Yehonatan, Israe

The location of the apartment was great,with Lawson that works 24/7 right under the building, and many supermarkets around the apartment. Movie theater in about 10 minutes walk, Kameari station area which has many restaurants around and a nice 6 floor arcade. The neighborhood is quiet and peaceful. Watanabe-san is very friendly and nice. Great access from and to both Tokyo airports. The apartments are fully furnished, nothing needed to be bought.

GA van de Laar Canada

As a resident of liberty for several years, I`ve been very satisfied with all aspects of the apartment. The location is convenient, just ten minutes from the station, and located close to several shopping centeres and a mall. the ward office is also close to make any paperwork easy to deal with. Neighbours are great, it`s a quiet location and I`ve always been treated kindlyand with courtesy by all tenants and the landlord. Highly recommended!

Shaun. Australia

I have lived in Liberty Kameari for 5 years. The apartment is in a convenient location with access to Kameari and Aoto station. It is a nice area with many places for shopping, eating and drinking. It is also close to many parks and near the Naka River. The building itself is convenient with a laundromat, and even shelves of manga and books to read as you like. It also has delivery boxes so you can buy things off Amazon etc, and not have to worry about missing the delivery. The owner Mr.Watanabe is very nice and always willing to help. I definitely recommend this apartment for short or long stays in Japan.

Andrew Hoover USA

I`ve had the pleasure of staying at Liberty Kameari twice now、each time for more than a month and I plan to come again the next time I visit Tokyo! The price, amenities, location, and owner all make it the most attractive choice. The area is quite calm while still being conveniently located, making it easy to get into Tokyo. There`s also plenty to do around the area, including a great summer festival where you can even help carry the shrine! Also, as a photography enthusiast, I love how many great views there are of Tokyo Skytree within a short walking distance or train ride. The best part though has to be the owners! Watanabe-san is always incredibly kind and generous, offering plenty of help for ignorant foreigners like me! He`s also been nice enough to buy food and drinks for guests on occasion as well, so you won`t find me complaining!

BY S.T. Germany

Liberty kameari is a really nice and clean place and I enjoyed stayingat #303 very much. The landlord, Watanabe-san is also really friendly and helpful. I'd definitely stay at Liberty Kameari again.

BY A.M. Maldeves

I had a good experince and unforgettable time.As I am a big fan of manga, I was excitedwhen I discovered the Manga bookshelf. I guess I have read all of them and improved my Japanese.Liberty Kameari is only 1 hour away from DISNEY LAND and there is a direct connection. I went there 3 times. I will definitely stay here again.

BY A.M. China

During my language school stay in summer 2011, I have lived here for 6 months. I had a great time and the owner was really friendly & helpful. I often used the free bicycle rental to discover nearby beautiful place.Kameari is located in the middle of "Old-Tokyo"(SHITAMACHI).Let's experience the real life-style!

BY L.R.N. Britain

I've lived in Japan for seven years, and Kameari 3 was definitely the nicest place I've ever lived. The building, appliances, and furniture are all clean and well-maintained. Management is always happy to help you with eventhe most minor concerns. And you've got a huge selection of grocery stores and restaurants nearby! I eventually had to move to be closer to work, and I really miss Kameari 3--probably won't find another place like it any time soon.

BY T.P. France

At Liberty Kameari 1, the atmosphere is great and the landlord is nice and friendly. The neighborhood is great too, you can find a lot of interesting places and things, such as statues of Ryoh-san (the main character of Kochikame manga). If you like Japan and Japanese culture,there is one place of interest close to the station which is a famous Japanese armors shop. Of course prices are expensive but it is worthseeing. Easy access, close to daily convenient places. I don't forget having stayed in this apartment. I have a whole bunch of good memories from there. Liberty Kameari will remain dear to my heart.